We Help Families Age with Grace and Peace

We want to let you know you are not alone in a loved ones aging process.


How We Can Help

Genesis Family Aging Center was created to give hope and help to the millions who assist their parents through the aging process. We support the person responsible for an elderly parent feeling alone and overwhelmed. We want families to know they are not alone.

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We created The Family Aging Center for people like us.

We are busy professionals trying to balance work, family and caring for aging parents. When my mom had a medical emergency, after a few days in the hospital, I was faced with finding an assisted living community within 24 hours of discharge. Even with prior planning and vetting communities, securing a present opening was difficult. After getting her settled, which was no small task, I had to clean out my mom’s condo and sell it while executing Power of Attorney with financial institutions. I was pulled in so many directions. I am the guy who wrote the book, and it was still overwhelming at times. I needed help, resources, and community.


You are not alone.

I had others to lean on, my siblings, my staff, yet felt so alone and overwhelmed with caring for the needs of my mom. There were times my whole day was blown up with a small medical need or tracking down a health expense with the insurance company. I was challenged to balance my practice, family, and own self-care. Sound familiar? We created the Genesis Family Aging Center to serve families walking the road of aging. We help get families on the same page and plan for the many twists and turns along the road. We are there when families face crisis and conflict. We are your built-in GPS giving directions, pointing out route options as well as upcoming obstacles. Our Legacy Coaches has gone down the road of aging with their parents. They get it. And, beyond our Legacy Coaches, we have a secure online document service allowing access 24/7 from an app on a smart phone. You can pull up documents at 3a at the Emergency Room. We have created an online community of fellow sojourners on the road of aging. Together, we become a community of knowledge and support. You are not alone, ever.


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