Do you have a drop dead file?


Do you have a Drop Dead File?  I hate to be so morbid, but if something happened to you today, who and how would those around you pick up the pieces? Death does not discriminate between age, sex, race, or economic status. Accidents happen. Heart attacks happen. Cancer happens. Alzheimer’s happen. Death happens. What will happen to your world of family and friends?

Over 65% percent of the population do not have a will or anything close to a Drop Dead File. Are you one of the 65%?  One of the most loving things you will do for your family or friends is creating a Drop Dead File. My wife and daughter (who is our personal representative), knows where the Drop Dead File is located.  In my business, between my admin and partner, they can quickly access everything needed to keep running the companies. Unfortunately, this is not the case with many people.

In a few months, my first book will be published, The Decision Tree of Aging. The book is a helpful guide for parents and children to make decisions surrounding aging and sudden health challenges to create peace in the process. Looking forward to helping thousands of people create more peace through often stressful moments in life.

Here is a helpful guideline to include in your Drop Dead File:

Legal Documents:

Will or Trust

Durable Power of Attorney

Advanced Medical Directive

POLST (if needed)


Financial Documents:


Investments (mutual funds, stocks, bonds, collections)

Retirement (IRAs, Pensions, 401(k), Social Security)

Personal Notes


Deeds and Titles

Real Estate

Time shares

Titles to vehicles, anything with a VIN


Agent Contact Info

Auto insurance

Life insurance

Liability insurance (umbrella policy)

Homeowner’s insurance


Tax records

Expected returns or liability

Contact info of tax professional

End of Life

Prepaid funeral arrangements

Cemetery plot?

Instructions about the body

Instructions for funeral or memorial service, if any

Obituary info

Call list of those to notify

Death certificates

Notify employer, Social Security, pension plans, etc.

Instructions for pets

Who and how will personal property be dispersed. (will)

Online Accounts and Digital Property

Accounts including social media with instructions