Bottles for Parkinson’s


Do you have bottles and cans accumulating in your garage that you need to take back to the store? I know we do! Last week, I was at the Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon (PRO) and they told us about a fundraiser they are doing which supports Parkinson’s AND cleans our garages! More on that later.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative brain disorder, which has no cure. They have a relatively new resource center in Beaverton, Oregon, which is amazing! They currently serve over 13,000 families who live with Parkinson’s in Oregon and SW Washington. In addition to the center in Beaverton, they have classes throughout Oregon and SW Washington. If you live in the area, and know someone who has Parkinson’s, check it out! They have education, exercise classes, and support groups for family members. Some of their exercise offerings include: laughter yoga, ping pong, Pilates, dance, and boxing! Sounds like fun.

If you know someone struggling with Parkinson’s, or are interested in learning more, they have a comprehensive website, linked above, with resources to their lending library of books, dvd’s, and videos which can be checked out for up to four weeks. They also have a number of websites linked to important online resources. And of course, all of their events are also listed.

So, how do you clean out your garage, and help Parkinson’s at the same time? Simple. Parkinson’s has partnered with BottleDrop to make life easy for us. You can either call (503.594.0901), stop by PRO (8880 SW Nimbus Avenue, Suite B Beaverton, OR 97008) or e-mail ( and ask for a BottleDrop bag. They will send you one in the mail. Fill it with your empty redeemable cans and bottles (yes, you can mix the two, and they recommend you do!). There is a 20 pound limit per bag. Please make sure there is a Parkinson’s Resources tag on the bag. Once full, you can either drop it at your most convenient BottleDrop location, or at the PRO home offices in Beaverton, and they will turn them in for you.

If you go to the BottleDrop location near you, you do not have to see an attendant. There is a special secure drop door that is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, which will accept your bag. It opens with the bar code on the bag. There is a limit of ten bags at a time, unless you call ahead and make other arrangements. Please do NOT place the bag with your recycling, that only helps clean the garage, and doesn’t help PRO.

Last, but not least, BottleDrop is matching all PRO donations made with these blue bags between July 14th and July 28th, so they get double the donation. Get your blue bag